Updates & Features
Pay What You Want: This feature lets you decide how much you think the NFT is worth. (Disabled as current mint is $0)

Credit Cards/No wallet mint: Checkout options now include the credit card option when minting, and you can temporarily store your NFT with your email address.

Augmented Reality: The ESF collection is ready to unlock token-gated AR experiences exclusive to ESF singles.

Stems and Co-Signed Release: Your token will not only access streams, you will be able to access studio session files for remixes and edits. We'll decide as a community to release high quality remixes and edits on DSPs in partnership with the label.

Share To Earn: If an NFT from this collection is sold via your share to earn link, you will earn 5% of the sale. Share to earn links are unique to each wallet address so revenue can be split when the NFT is sold.
Some Keywords to Know
Web3: Web3 transforms the internet experience, providing greater control and direct connections in various online activities, including a more personalized and artist-friendly approach to enjoying and supporting music.

NFT: NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are like digital certificates of ownership for unique items, such as art, music, or collectibles, on the
blockchain, allowing you to truly own and trade these digital assets.

Mint: Minting an NFT is like crafting a rare, digital collectible of your favorite artist's work, ensuring its authenticity and making it exclusive for you to own and trade in the digital space.

Wallet: A Web3 wallet is your digital pocket for unique online treasures – think of it like a special collection of digital badges or certificates that you can trade and enjoy using your phone or computer.

Stems: Music stems are individual tracks or elements (like vocals, drums, or instruments) that make up a song, allowing for separate manipulation and customization during production.
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