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Video produced by Naeon.ai and Kamo Kaftan Productions
Zeroed In (Tools) and Say No More are ESF releases, click the link below to stream audio only
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"Kamo Kaftan Records is a cutting-edge creative powerhouse at the intersection of music, visual arts, video games, and groundbreaking technology. We are pioneers in the web3 and blockchain space, leveraging these transformative technologies to redefine the art and entertainment industry. Our brand is a fusion of artistry, innovation, and community, where we empower artists to fully explore their creative potential while offering fans immersive experiences, unique ownership opportunities, and transparent engagement. By embracing the possibilities of web3, we're revolutionizing the way music, visual arts, and video games are created, shared, and experienced, opening up a new era of artistic expression and collaboration."

Membership and ESF token req'd for access
Stream Welcome To 3.0A token unlockable album by Kryptnn. Buy a token below
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What is this label about?
Carving a different independent path for our artists and their art, through blockchain integration
Why is there a lock on the songs?
Our streaming model revolves around token-gated content where you will need a corresponding non-fungible token (NFT) asset to unlock the matching song.
How can I listen to your songs without NFTs
To enjoy access to all the parts of our website you need to sign up/sign in to the kamkaf community with your Email, Phone Number or Crypto Wallet. That being said. we occasionally unlock some or all of the songs for extended periods of time. Make sure you're signed in and head to the ESF page to see what's free to stream
Do you have regular streaming on other DSPs
At this time, we still offer some single releases on other streaming platforms for easy accessibility and wider reach. But the entire roster catalog resides here on our website.
What is ESF
ESF is an acronym for our flagship project "Every Single Friday", where we release new singles on Fridays. To access these releases, you will need to mint an ESF token from the collection. The NFTs are random and can only be minted once per mint, but you can mint as many times as possible.
It sounds complicated, Why?
It could seem so at first, but once you familiarize yourself with keywords like "Token", "Token-gate", "NFT", "Mint", "Crypto", "Wallet", it becomes a simple, gamified way to support us and enjoy great art. We can't keep the lights on or go on the road with just our spotify streams. Lets define some of those terms from earlier:

Token: A token in crypto is a digital asset representing various rights or functionalities, typically created and managed on blockchain platforms through smart contracts. There's typically 4 types - Utility, Governance, Security and the famous Non Fungible token(Nft)

Token -Gate: A token gate is a mechanism that controls access to certain resources or functionalities based on possession of specific tokens within a blockchain ecosystem.

Mint: Minting an NFT is like making a one-of-a-kind digital collectible, such as a digital artwork or a rare trading card, and officially recording its ownership on the internet using special technology called blockchain. When you mint from any of our collections, you're basically buying ownership of a certain token and its metadata from us.

Wallet: A wallet is a digital tool that securely stores and manages your unique digital collectibles, like NFTs, allowing you to buy, sell, showcase and utilize them within the blockchain ecosystem.

How can we get to know more?
There's a community chat on the homepage, where you can post or respond to concerns and questions. You can also check out our token-gated pitch deck (unlocked with ESF token), or email us at contact@kamokaftanrecords.com