Babykamos are virtual 3D characters that exist in the kamoverse.
The Kamoverse (KMVRS), a groundbreaking cross-platform, shared virtual space that invites afrocentric creatives to unite, collaborate, and embark on unforgettable adventures. Prepare to enter a revolutionary video game experience like no other, where imagination knows no bounds and possibilities are limitless. Step into a vibrant world where art, culture, and technology converge, empowering you to shape your destiny and unlock the full potential of your creativity. Whether you seek collaborative endeavors or simply want to immerse yourself in thrilling escapades, The Kamoverse offers a transformative journey that transcends reality.
Discover the true essence of the Kamoverse through the power of PSSPRT NFTs, your gateway to this extraordinary virtual realm. These unique digital passports grant you access to a multitude of interactive experiences, each more awe-inspiring than the last. The Kamoverse is not just a game—it's a dynamic community where afrocentric creatives can thrive and showcase their talents, revolutionizing the gaming industry.
Naeon is more than an initiative; it's a movement pushing the boundaries of fiction and realism. With its distinctive duo-tone neon colorway, Naeon is a beacon, instantly recognizable from a distance. Beyond mere pictures and colors, it represents a journey into the unimaginable future, where generative AI and design converge to create
impactful value. Join the movement, where innovation meets creativity, and the unimaginable becomes a reality.
Naeon OS is a WEB3 inspired operating system, a revolution in the way we interact with technology, opening new possibilities for creativity, gaming, and digital asset management in the WEB3 era. Explore the prototype and join the journey towards the future of operating systems.
From hyper-realistic digital mock-ups, to the best thing in your closet.
A token unlockable album by Kryptnn
Released 2022
WT3.0 features 12 exclusive songs that flex a range of artistry from sound design to visuals. With sonic collaborations from dynamically talented artists and producers, including label mate "xxstereosoul", "rey 22" & "Louie Oblin". The album cover is donned by Kryptnn's own BBKMO#001 from the Babykamo project. Creating a first of it's kind experience for Kryptnn fans and web 3 enthusiasts. Buy a token to unlock the stream.
The Kamovault is our flagship collection. Inspired by our visual art catalog, the kamovault was created as a community driven collection where, one off digital/"PHYGITAL" pieces are minted in exchange for a host of services and rewards (utilities) across the Kamo Kaftan Records platform. Each item in the collection comes with its own specific set of "utilities", which can be found in the NFT metadata or "traits" section on OpenSea. View the collection with the button below.