Kryptnn is a California-based singer and producer with Nigerian roots, embarking on a transformative musical journey since the age of twelve. Inspired by the rhythmic pulse of his Nigerian heritage and captivated by the haunting allure of alternative pop and R&B, Kryptnn's music seamlessly blends vibrant melodies with introspective lyrics. Influenced by a diverse range of artists, from Nigerian icons like Wizkid and Sarz to global sensations like Michael Jackson and The Weeknd. Kryptnn brings a unique fusion of cultural influences to his captivating sound. Experience the enchanting world of Kryptnn's music as he takes you on a spellbinding journey of self-discovery and artistic expression.
Remi (Oluuji) possesses one of the most brilliantly artistic minds you'll ever encounter. Aderemilekun Olusoga, widely known as Remi, is not only an artistic connoisseur but also a dedicated student pursuing a degree in the medical field. With a profound curiosity and a natural talent for problem-solving, Remi seamlessly blends his passion for art and science. Whether he's immersing himself in the depths of artistic expression or diving into the complexities of scientific inquiry, Remi's multifaceted approach allows him to explore the world through a unique lens.
Welcome to the world of Xxstereosoul, affectionately known as "Stereo." Hailing from western Nigeria, Stereo is an accomplished R&B/Pop artist whose captivating music draws inspiration from legendary musicians such as Michael Jackson and James Fauntleroy. With his velvety baritone voice, Stereo effortlessly delivers sweet and mellow sounds that are both soothing and captivating. Each of his musical creations is intricately woven with bold emotions, reflecting elements that spark from his environment, childhood obsessions, region, and heritage.